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Yes, I have difficulties with getting older. I did not really like entering the 40-something arena, to be honest. Unfortunately it is a biological thing we have to deal with. And I am finding out it is not so bad at all. I stay fit by training with a personal trainer, twice a week. Off course I am not afraid of using botox here en there. And when people guess my age, it still remains around 35 years old. Maybe because I do not have any kids as I have made the assumption that kids might give you grey hairs quicker than the stress of daily life.

Other things I do to stay fit? Well cooking self prepared meals at least 5 times a week, thanks to my good friend Hello Fresh. I smoke, I am addicted to coca cola light and never a day without a glass of wine. I love to go to dance parties and have a laugh with my friends in a bar. Sometimes I lie about my age, when the guy is (too) young. Sometimes I just tell them straight forward what my age is . And the incredible funny thing is, most of the guys do not even care. Some youngsters even are looking for ‘older’ women to explore their own sexuality. Well that is where I come in. As the other biological case is, that around your 40s we women are in our sexual peak, like those 20-something guys. So I would say, it is a match made in heaven.

My relationship with a 20-something did not really succeed, but entering the dating arena now, I do prefer those hard bodies above the guys my age. I am taking care of the outside of my body, so that’s what I expect from the other. Meaning, the 40-somethings do not catch my eye. I did try, but damn, sometimes I have the feeling they are traumatised by life. Poor guys.

So here we are, I share my experiences with the guys, the apps and all dates and hopefully it will make you smile or laugh or…. And although all the stories are based upon real life, I found out that sometimes reality is more absurd than I ever expected.

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