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Manhood: The Bare Reality provides an important contribution to the emotional and physical exploration of men and masculinities. Intimate interviews offer insight into how men navigate sex, desire, hopes and anxieties; these diverse inner lives are complemented with images that document equally diverse bodies. Read it to understand men better, both inside and out.’
Dr Joseph Gelfer, researcher of men and masculinities

‘Men react in three ways to getting naked – pull down their pants, legs akimbo; hide behind their hands; or undress part by part, an unveiling. The men in this book all stand proudly flaccid, the most vulnerable and judged state of a man. What a penis means may have an anchor in comparison to others, but here in Manhood, becomes purely a starting point for a discussion about sex, love, loss, relationships, power and what masculinity means to them. The smorgasbord of penises is accompanied by a fascinating array of stories that measure up to Laura Dodsworth’s female counterpart. Bare Reality set a formidable bar with honest conversations about women’s relationships with their breasts, Manhood challenges us with the similarly complex emotional view we have about our genitals and lives. A wonderful, enlightening and humanising book about men.’
Dr Anand Patel, Specialist in Sexual Medicine



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