dominant submissive or switch

Are you dominant, submissive or a switch? The finale…

Well after some peace some more spontaneous excitement on its way. Still curious for mr bondage guy, send him a text on Saturday asking him if he had recovered from his illness. And Sunday afternoon:

Hi Sexy. The sun is shining up for a motor ride?


Or I could stay at home off course. at the back of a motor is not my most favorite thing to do, as I have to trust someone else, the rider. And I did have some scary rides. But nonetheless, I went downstairs, he gave me a helmet, explained stuff, did put a bag sack on and told me: “Sit on the back and I want to feel your tits in my back all the time.” Well, I was remembered of the fact he was a dominant. Oops.

We arrived at his place, still shaking of one turn where my knees felt like hitting the pavement, I just closed my eyes and hoped for the best. His place, 5000 m2 with empty and abandoned industrial space plus a little house in the front in the middle of this industrial area. Huge and very empty. He showed me around and took me in this little space where lockers were and where you could drink some water. Freezing cold as it was, he did put his motor trousers on his knees and took me doggy style, hard and deep. No wingman this time, just an ordinary brand with cute hearts on the packaging. One to take off my bucket list.

Next stop, small ride over the terrain without helmets, hands in the air, feeling the wind through my hair, sweet. His house. Warm, lots of flyers on the wall of all parties he goes to. Everything, black and red. What is that with guys? Always having a black and red interior. In the corner, two bodies with bondage ropes around it. Above that whips and those balls you can strap to your mouth, a small collection. Fortunately, wine first. And for me a moment to adjust myself to this situation. One glass further “Red is the word you use when I go to far. Are you ready?” Will I ever be ready?

He puts a dildo on the table, lubricant all over it. “Sit down on it?” Well you can imagine that my eyes almost popped out. “Relax” I adjusted the position of the dildo, which meant more punishment for later he said. I giggled. Leather bands around my writs, one around my neck, the ball in my mouth. Arms clinked together at my back. “Now sit on it!” Ok, just do not take it to seriously, just do whatever he says. No need for the word ‘red’ yet. “Do you like sitting on it?” Mmmmwah…. bit awkward…. “Stand up”, he ties my neck to a rope attached to the wall. Makes me look in the mirror, while touching me, in order to make me horny. Some moments of having no oxygen entered the game, as het made me walk a few steps, making the band around my neck tighten around my throat. Red face, still that bloody mirror. Apparently I was wet enough. He untightened me from the wall. Puts a pillow on the table. “Hands on the table, ass towards me, head on the pillow.” My jaws start aching because of the ball still in my mouth. I say “red” and asked him to get the bloody ball out of my mouth. Done. Pffff. Condom, bent over, he takes me hard again. “Stand up, lie on the bed on your back” In the end I was allowed to sit on him and make him come. He took all the leather bands of, washed his hands and gave me another glass of wine.

“You are not submissive, lady.” Really????

That was something I did not expect, hahahahahah – not. We smoked a joint outside in the abandoned industrial space, he brought me home. Giving a kiss on my cheek and he drove off. Weird.

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