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I was bored…

As I did get bored a bit, I just started the Tinder app again and liked a few guys. 10 matches. Alex, a 27 year old, good looking friendly ginger, started a conversation. He just had his housewarming yesterday evening, did have some drinks and felt lonely. Whether I would like to join him in finishing the booze that was still left? Well… some more excitement, will I or will I not? I asked him for his address. Damned a 30 minutes bike ride. What the hell, why not?

He lives in a small two-room apartment. It smells like cigarettes smoke. A laptop on the table, two chairs. A bedroom around the corner and small living room in the other corner and a very tiny little messy kitchen in the middle. He pours me a glass of white wine; we start talking and smoking cigarettes. Cute light blue eyes that sparkle; sweet. Tall, really tall, like 195 cm tall. He kept on drinking vodka coke, and sometimes I had to ask for a refill. He did not keep his white wine in the fridge; he declared he did not know that was a must. Hahahahaha….. He just got a job in the area, got this apartment 2 weeks ago, had a motor in front of the building. He seemed happy. Then he told me I was his first Tinder date as his girlfriend just broke up 1,5 week ago. Well we had sex, 2 times at night, one time in the morning.

His assumption for not using a condom was the weirdest ever: “Well if you have something, you just get pills and you are cured again.” Does he not even mind he might transfer a decease to someone else or is he having a free subscription on STD tests?
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