dominant submissive or switch

Are you dominant, submissive or a switch? (part II)

This afternoon Mr.Bondage is dropping by to check whether I might be dominant or submissive or…… Just received a message: “Are you ready? I will show you all corners of your house! Or maybe I just put you in a corner for a while…..” Yes, red cheeks.

Mr Bondage, well he entered my house we sat down for a few glasses of wine. Why I invited him to my place? Well he lives in this industrial area where there are companies only. Hanging in some robes while there is no one around, felt a bit scary for me. And I don’t know yet whether I can trust this guy so, I told him, my place or not at all. We chit chatted for a while, he explained to me the code words, green, orange and red. What would I need the word green for, I thought? Whatever.

He also told me he first wanted to bring all his whips and other stuff with him, he changed his mind about that. But off course he was wearing some “bracelets” leather ones, where some soft en thin whips were included. We started kissing, he had an enormous dig, a blood dig he told me, as he seemed really proud of it. Well, this was my first experience with a “wingman” condom. It seemed like a piece of rubber attached to a reddish piece of plastic in the shape of women’s ovaria. Weird. Well while giving him a blowjob, I found out the was not so eager in receiving. If he is not giving me a good time, his dig just turns into pulp. Interesting. So ok, let’s go to receiving mode. He used the bracelets with long leather thingsĀ to slap them on my back, no pain at all. If it turns him on, fine with me. Good kisser, good fucker. And then…. “this is feeling more like making love instead of fucking,” he said. Really? For me it is still fucking, there is no love involved at all just curiosity and physical attraction. So it roughened up a bit. Second condom, me still in receiving mode, which is fine! Third condom… and then, “I am bored now, do not need an orgasm, but lets stop, I need my toys now.”

Well this was new for me. I did receive compliments on my endurance and the fact that I do not need any lubricant, but yes it was done… there I was lying on the bed naked, still wanting more… But no. He took off his condom, washed his hands, he seems a bit sensitive for the condom smell, and we sat down had another glass of wine and he left. Well that was it. – to be continued –

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