unsafe sex and stds

Off course STDs are also involved…

Ok, shit, shit, shit. Just received an app that told me it would be wise to do a test for chlamydia, a shitty STD. Oops. My face flushed red and my heart started pumping. Guy who did not fit condoms, who already asked me a few weeks ago, whether I was sure I had nothing. I told him, test yourself, I have no symptoms and 95% goes safe. But off course I do not do blow-jobs with a condom. Damned. Two do-it-yourself tests are ordered. Tomorrow I will test my throat and below there. Hopefully it is a nasty trick of his ex girlfriend to get back at him in some kind of weird way. Who knows.

11:00 h, received a message from C. ‘I am negative’. Well that is good news! So if you do not have it, I do not have it. But off course, did the two tests, both negative. Pfffffff… had a hard time falling asleep last night, as I found out I had to inform approximately 17 guys if I would have had it in my throat. Oops, a bit embarrassing. Anyway, good to know I am clean of that one! Some chatting later I found out that it wasn’t his ex girlfriend, but a new one that did not have a lot of sex either. He was acting like a slut. I told him, takes on to know one. I did propose to have drinks on his account as a apology for my bad sleeping night. He started defending himself, there was no apology necessary… hahahahaha, he could have tested first, before giving me s shitty night of sleep, right?

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