chatting pictures

About the pictures you receive when you are leaving the dating app…

So after chatting for a while on Tinder, you get to the moment when you ask yourself ‘Am I or am I not going to share my phone number?’ So with this guy I decided to share my phone number, so we switched to ‘what’s app’.

First phase:

X: Can you send me a picture of yourself?

M: You do not believe the pictures on my profile?

X: Well just want to know for sure that those pictures are yours…

M: Ok, here you go… (me taking a zip of a glass of wine)

X: It is really you!

M: You expected something else?

X: Can I send you a few of my pictures?

M: Sure…


Second phase:

X: Can you send me some of those pictures of you as well? That would turn me on….


Third phase:

X: I really like your pictures, I jerked myself off on it some days ago…

M: Happy to hear that, at least one person is happy with those pictures…

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