Tall hot Norwegian guy…

Really hot looking blond guy, 27 years old. And it is a ….match! Yes!

He was staying in my city for a few months for his financial job. We started chatting, planning to meet up somewhere in the city center. Did not work out. So off course, new plan… Crash at my place. He took a cab and arrived around 1:45 AM at my place. I did have some wines too much, he had some cocktail or 2 too much. Meaning, the conversation wasn’t that difficult. There was one minus, it was winter, his gorgeous blond hair was not as blond as on the picture. Body: great. Kissing: great.

Are you familiar with guys that have never had a relationship longer than 3 or 4 months?


This was one of these guys. My experience with those…

They treat you as if you are a porn doll with three holes, they want to try them all while pulling your hair or having their hands around your throat… As if they are copying all the porn movies they saw recently and lacking total knowledge on how a female body works and/or gets turned on.


After going for my third hole I asked him to jerk himself off so he could have his orgasm and requested him to leave afterwards. He asked: “Is it ok if I come in your face?”


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