Second date with a guy my age….

…42 years old, handsome looking, dark hair, blue eyes, as athletic as you might expect of a guy this age…

We chatted a bit and we decided not to chat too long. Let’s meet in person. So we did. At my place. Just a glass of wine, or two…

He divorced, having children, working in human resources, a people manager. Problems with the ex-wife off course. Basically his life consists of working, having the children over, doing some sports and working again.

We had a nice conversation. I sat on his lap. We kissed. Bad kisser. The one that shovels his tongue into your throat…

So I kindly told him my mind was already busy with the job I had to do the next morning and it wouldnt be fair to him if he would stay, as my mind was somewhere else and busy. He agreed and left.

A new Tinder message from him popped up 1,5 hours later:

R: Well, here is my phone number. So, or you call me or you just un-match me. Both is fine.

M: Ok, that is very clear. Let’s try to have dinner somewhere next week.

The next morning, I was on Tinder (in the period where you still could see if someone had been online at that moment or earlier).

R: How do you dare to still use Tinder? You met me yesterday!

Excuse me??? Really???

M: Just had to send a few messages to some guys. Relax please!

R: As I said, or you call me for dinner or just unmatch me.

So off course I unmatched him. What the f*ck was he thinking after a bad kissing session.

We started using what’s app. Trying to make a dinner date. The contact ended like this.

R: Well I did not hear from you so I assume we will never have contact again.

M: Well you could have taken some initiative as well right? I was just plainly busy.

R: I took enough initiative. It was your call.

M: Well maybe it is more wise if we do not see each other at all. This feels like we are already fighting like a married couple…. Have a nice life!





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