How to convince me to come over…

Our chat session:

M: Where are you going to party tonight?

C: I don’t know

C: I wanted to dance

C: But I have to convince my friend

C: Badly organized party

C: Fuck me

M: Well good luck with convincing your friend!

C: Can you dance?

C: Wanna join me?

M: Well as I already found out your standards are quite high, do not know if I can meet your dance standards. But tonight is not the night for me. Tomorrow would be great.

C: Aha what standards you know I ‘m kidding right! I’m just into girls who shake their moneymakers (quoting James Brown here, not some silly post modern R&B bitch) with me

M: Hahahaha… You are funny and sharp, mister! Would love to meet you tomorrow. And do realize I am not a girlie girl any more! 😉

C: Jeez the bastard just told me he’s still stuck in Belgium… I hate my life right now

M: Well you can go alone or put some great headphones on and play some great sounds while dancing and drinking beer… 😉


C: I can turn my apartment into a club

M: And invite everybody you know and let them bring their own booze or whatever they need…

C: Challenge accepted

C: Meh

C: Come dance with me

C: I have bubbles

C: But you can’t because I am a stranger

C: Fuck those rules

M: Oh well, I dont care you are a stanger….

C: I dont think we can meet tomorrow, gonna have a goodbye drink

C: Or maybe late

C: Dunno

C: My epic night is going to turn into Netflix and chill

M: So you are telling me ‘it is now or never?’ Hahahaha….

C: I am pure evil I know

M: I already understood that part of you. Where do you live?

M: Well it is only 8 minutes by bike, so I could consider….

C: Sweet!

C: Consider!

M: How is the challenge going? Got some people to come over later?

C: No I have no one

C: It is too late

C: I am sorry I should have asked you out earlier

M: Anyway, we can have a drink right?

C: Yeah fuck people it’s just me and cava here…

M: Ok, c u in 30 minutes

C: Alright! 30 mins! It’s a lot!

M: Prefer to stay alone?

C: No it is perfect!

I am such a sucker for good looking 20-somethings. He knew exactly how to play ‘you should feel sorry for me, so you have to come over’ – my weak spot. Great sex fortunately….



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