First phone call with a Tinder match…

This match does have a little history of ‘because I did not have a snapchat account, or not willing to share pictures with him – although I gave him access to my Facebook and Instagram – he decided to un-match me’. This time around I told him where to find pictures of me on my Instagram account (using the tab at the right with ‘photos of you’) and now suddenly he wanted me to sell a cheaper subscription for gas and electricity… Is this the new approach for selling stuff to matches while being a tele-marketeer?

According to his pictures he is a gorgeous athletic 25 year old with a big and bright white smile. Typical sales guy. The sales started while chatting. What do you use in KwH and m3 a year? What are the prices you pay? So I thought, what the hell, I looked it up and shared screenshots without sharing my full name or address with him. He gave me an offer, almost € 40 a month cheaper. Well could I resist? Off course still doubting whether he wasn’t playing tricks on me, but ok. First he called me with his private number to explain what was going to happen while giving me that offer while using his ‘professional’ phone, otherwise it wouldn’t be official. I told him I knew the drill so let’s bring it on.

And there it started. What is your address? Your phone number? Your bank account number? Would you like to pay by bill or automatically? If you pay by bill it will cost you an additional € 2 a month. He could tell me my other subscription was ending within a week after sharing all this information with him. It felt so weird. Not talking fun or whatsoever but talking electricity, gas, usage and prices. Was I out of my mind trusting this ‘never-met-before-in-real-life’ guy?

Anyway, after that official phone call he used his private number again, so I told him, well if you have a stalker in you at least you know almost everything I would never share during the first phone call with a Tinder match.. We did laugh about it. He assured me all data from this deal would vanish for him. Within 3 minutes I got the offer by mail, and it was an official mail of a provider, I agreed, got myself a cheaper subscription. And now we are going to celebrate that apparently, on my costs off course…..



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