New super likes. Joehoe! Well you know, I am trying to like the super likes, as they pick me, instead of me picking them. As I am very much, no matter how, always ending up with guys with a huge psychological problem. Maybe if they like me, and I am not too judgemental on looks, I could finally turn that pattern around. Supermatch with mr. F, 36 years, creative businessperson. Apparently in music. We had a nice chat. According to him not really a ‘Tinder’ conversation. So I asked him why?

He explained I did not ask him the following:

How tall are you?

Where do you come from?

What is your phone number?

When will I see you?

What do you earn?

Do you think I am pretty and if so, why?

Are you really the person on the picture or are you 30 kg more heavy now?


Shame on you women!

Be a bit less superficial will ya!!!

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