Funny chat with a 25 year old hot guy….

S: Hi Sexy student! Almost done with being a nerd? Stress??

M: Not that much, almost done

S: Sweet. Exciting.

M: Have to sail this weekend?

S: Yes I do this week here, next week abroad

M: You heavy duty sports-guy! 😉

S: Still looking forward to that intimate massage you promised me 😉

M: Well if you have time, no problem

S: I have time this afternoon after work

M: Deal

S: I only have a cold. Do not know whether that is smart

M: Hahahahahah….. teaser! It’s not a marathon you have to run!

S: True, just do not want you to get it.

M: Well there you have a point

S: Grrrr

M: Grrr because you have a cold?

S: And because I really want to feel you around me hahaha

M: Nice thing to look out to, feeling each other inside out

S: F*ck yes, I remember. The first x at your place. I came twice

M: Well I assume that is normal for a young god like you??

S: Hahahaha. Nope it’s not

M: That is the challenge for next time?

S: Hhahahahah… yes it is

M: Do you have festishes?

S: Do you have them??

M: I asked you first

S: Smart ass….

M: Naked in front of my door is always fun. 

S: Ok ok, a bit shy still? 

M: Well we can talk about blindfolding and rope you up, got enough stuff. What are your preferences?

S: I am without boundaries

M: Sure?

S: Try me

M: Well I am not of the whips and stuff as in giving you pain, still am a softie

S: You make me f*cking curious

M: Question: You want to be submissive?

S: That is?

M: Not being dominant, just ‘undergo’ stuff

S: Yes hahahaha. Love the idea

M: Deal

S: I love new stuff

M: So make sure you get rid of your cold!

S: Yes would have like to see you now…

M: Well looking forward to it…


Did it ever happen? Sorry, I have to dissapoint you. The moment we were going to meet het send me the following:

S: I have good and bad news.

M: Ok, start with the bad news.

S: I have a girlfriend.

M: That is good news right?

S: Well also bad because now I cannot have sex with you, while I was really looking forward to that.

M:Well she is a lucky girl with having you in her bed

S: Hahahaahaha…..Weird though, I have a girlfriend but I cannot stop thinking about having sex with you. So stupid of me I didn’t plan it right.

M: That feeling will vanish, sooner or later, don’t you worry.

S: Well I am sure we will see each other once again…


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