too uptight if you do not like to use facetime

I am too uptight because I do not like using Facetime in bed…

Too uptight? Really?

Match on Inner Circle with a guy with one profile picture only showing half his face. So I asked him why? He told me he was too famous and otherwise people would recognise him all the time…

H: I am here to meet another interesting woman

H: I have an open relationship, sometimes we date other people

H: I am well aware that not everyone is open for this

M: Sweet you are this honest

M: And if we get in the mode of efficient communication. I am a smoking, drinking, studying freelance photographer. Not sure whether that falls under your definition of ‘an interesting woman’

H: Thanks for your warning. Smoking is a minus

H: Cool pictures you make btw

H: I get it it is though to quit. But you get old more quickly and you do not taste as good while kissing. Plus the diseases on the long term.

H: You really make amazing pictures

M: Well yesterday I was kissing with a non-smoker and he said totally surprised: “Well I do not taste a smoker.”

H: Hahahaha. Where did you find him? And maybe I should just taste you too

M: Got the guy via Hppn, but it was such a bad kisser so I sent him home

H: Hahaha, ok, you are tough. But at least you are in the ‘app dating’. Me too.

M: Not that though, I just have my limits

H: Was it really that bad???

H: Ok, I agree, bad kissing is a huge turn off

M: Well we can keep on going here or just have a drink?

H: Sounds like a plan, here is my number for whats app….

So what happened. Saturday night, no make up, in bed, I tried to save his phone number to my phone. I pushed the wrong button bloody three times, so my phone started using Facetime three times. And I hate Facetime at those moments.

M: Sorry, something went wrong with my phone

H: You are really way too uptight if you don’t like using Facetime in bed. I am in bed as well. Who cares how you look?




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