date with a guy my own age

My first date with a guy my age…

This was my second date through Hppn, my first was ‘A boring Sunday afternoon’. So I really hoped this one would work out a little more exciting. Believe me it did. I found out that guys my own age are a total different species.

So with this thought in mind, I agreed to meet up with Jerome, 44 years old. Seemed quite good looking. Dark hair, blue eyes. I would prefer green eyes but ok. This might work. We were going to have a drink in my favourite – close to my home – bar with a terrace outside. I sat there he texted ‘3 minutes’. Got myself a beer, started smoking a cigarette.

Three centimeters less tall than I . First misser. But kind of good looking. We started to talk. Divorced, two kids, his own lunchroom, joined custody, kids are number one. Second misser. Quit smoking. Third misser. And then, after like half an hour he told me the following:

“Well you know almost a year ago I suddenly started to hear voices in my head. And those voices told me to get into my car and drive with 120 km an hour against a tree. That tree was quite close by. Oh, you want to see the picture of the car? The police was extremely surprised I survived. Wait, found the picture. What do you think?” His face shining with pride.

“Well I think the police was right. It’s not that there is much left of your car. I assume you are really happy you still have your two legs working properly? But basically you had a psychotic breakdown? Hopefully they hospitalised you in combination with some pills?” I asked.

“Yes they did. Half a year later they did it again. And in three weeks I have an appointment with the psychiatrist in order to check whether I can have my driving license in return.”


I already knew I had daddy issues because of the mental state of my last serious relationship, but I never had a clue I could attract or select similar guys, by only swiping pictures!



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