Guy stood me up

Just got stood up…

Last Thursday  I got a new match on Tinder.

Jaimy, 31 years old, blond hair, two pictures with him guitar playing. No profile text.

J: Hi

M: Hi mister

J: Cool pics

J: What was the best memory of a concert you have?

M: Sorry to say, although he recently died, one of the best concerts for me was ‘Sign of the Times’, I was like 15 years old.

J: Don’t know

M: ‘Prince’ he is called….

M: What was your best concert?

J: Ahhh

J: Awesome

J: Emotionally first time I saw ‘Sting’, I was a kid. But lately I would say ‘Snarky Puppy’

M: That one I had to look up. Nice music.

5 days later…

J: Hey

M: Good morning!

J: Want to have dinner?

M: Tonight?

M: Are you going to cook? 😉

J: Sure

M: Then I would like to have dinner

J: Cool

J: Time?

M: Around 19:30-ish?

….silence. So at 20:00-ish I sent him a gif with a guy eating his soup extremely quickly with his head approximately 3 cm above his soup bowl.

….still silence.

I thought because he was going to prepare a dinner, I was dealing with kind of an elegant guy. Where are your manners guys?


Next morning:

J: Sorry this Tinder thing

J: I think it is not for me



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