date with a classmate

Date with an old classmate

A while ago I had a dinner date with a classmate from high school. Same age, taller then I am, short hair. We had dinner, had fun, he paid, kept in touch somehow, not too often, possibly meeting up for another drink. So I was in a bar with a friend. ‘Mr. old classmate’ apped me. “What are you doing?” “Well sitting in a bar below your apartment,” I told him. So he joined. He did quit smoking, unfortunately. Anyway, we went to his apartment, I was practically wasted already. And he had this really ‘grown up’ apartment. Art at the walls, music in every space, including the bathroom, well you know… a real grown up place, not lacking any luxury or whatever. So we drank more wine. What else? We started kissing, ended up in his bed off course…. What’s new! Sex was fine, bit porn like, I fell asleep, we had sex in the morning again, doggy style off course so we did not have to kiss in the morning… I hate kissing in the morning when you did not drink a thing or done something else to get rid of that horrible morning taste in the mouth. He went to the shower, put on music, went downstairs and when I arrived in the bathroom there was a towel with a brand new toothbrush in its package, awaiting me. Almost felt like a hotel. How many tooth brushes will he have in stock? I took a shower taking about an hour. Fortunately as he has grey hair, he uses the same shampoo as I need for my blond hair, silver shampoo, the dark purplish stuff. I went down, got a phone call of one of my best friends who told me his cat (or my cat as I took care of the cat for approximately 7 years) was dying. While being on the phone, he made me breakfast, tea with egg sandwiches, and afterwards I was even allowed to smoke a real cigarette. I did not smoke it, I left, preparing myself for my family dinner. He did check with me the next day to ask if I survived the dinner…. After that it went silent. Three months later, ‘Let’s have a drink soon after I get back from my holiday!’ Did still not happen.

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