getting laid tonight

I was convinced I was going to get laid yesterday…

Yesterday, I was convinced I was going to get laid and I was really looking forward to it. Three options. Still no sex. What the f*ck went wrong? I had a date planned in the evening, with a cute guy I already had sex with. Another ‘friend with benefits’ asked me if he could crash at my place as he had to catch a really early flight. And my ex called me on the phone (one I still have sex with). And I still did end up alone in bed.  Why???????? Did I do something wrong, or was it me being too eager?

The date, killed our date, as he was having a bad day at work. Really, since when is that a good reason to kill a date????

Well, I was still ok, as I had said ‘yes’ to the guy who wanted to crash for his early flight. Around 21h he decided to just wake up early and catch a train at 5 o’clock in the morning. Why would you like to wake up at 4 in the night, to catch a train, if you could wake up at my place around 6 and have sex before you catch your flight?

And then – my last new spontaneous piece of hope – the ex called, we talked for like an hour and when I asked him to come over and bring a bottle of wine, he refused. And this is what he said:  ‘No, I should stop pleasing others. I should start taking care of myself and my needs, instead of others.’

Where are those guys that want to please us, girls?  Where can I find those? Any tips?



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