relation towards integrity

What is your relationship towards ‘integrity’?

ROB, 26,

M: Hi Handsome

R: Hi Mitzi

M: You do not give me a lot of space to ask you a question ….
So I will ask you the most obvious; are you a model? 😉

R: The photos leave little to the imagination.
But I was a model
20 years ago, now I have a beer belly and I’m balding
Thinking back of the good old days.

M: Stupid questions, ask for stupid answers, I have to give you that
You did try to improve your intellectual skills in order to become more than just beautiful on the outside?

R: I made a vain attempt to earn my bread by means of my head instead of the outside, but I would certainly not call myself intellectual. 😉

M: Nicely put ‘a vain attempt’. 😉 When do you call yourself an intellectual? If you earned a PhD, or before that?

R: At least. According to my standards, you should have at least one groundbreaking theory on your name.

M: Or you are selling me bullshit or do you set very high standards for yourself?! But do I understand that you have not found a job yet with your brains, however, you still earn money with your external presence? Is that frustrating?

R: I just explained what I mean by an intellect; by that I imply that I do not have that ambition. Haha you would almost think that due to my story. I am happy that I found a good paying job with “my contents”. 😉 I am currently a consultant and advise government agencies on a sound integrity policy.

R: So all in all I cannot complain
What are you doing?
Haha based upon your contacts I’d almost think you are a booker; )
You have something very dominant on you; very attractive

M: Me dominant ??? Not at all … 😉
Even though I book models sometimes I am not a booker ….
…a photographer

M: How about your ‘integrity’? What is your relationship to integrity that you like to advice people on this matter? As in the best arsonists are the best firemen… If you catch my drift?

R: Wow, that’s quite a statement that you do. Which premises gives you this conclusion?

M: No conclusion just a question … I do not like the reality so I create fake realities in my work, the psychiatrist is usually more disturbed than his patients … and now you’re sitting on integrity, so I’m wondering what your relationship is with this theme?

(I did do some research on the guy, by ‘reverse image search’, and found out that according to facebook he is in a relationship for quite some time already).

R: I’m not saying that I’m the most honest person. That also misses it’s target. It is not my aim to tap officials on the fingers like a parent. And tell them what is right and wrong. I’m more of a facilitator who is trying to create the right condition. And I tries to guide the conversation to initiate. But I do not own the truth.

M: In short, you are an integrity-focused facilitator / consultant in a bureaucratic environment, which looks quite tasty. Extremely attractive profile compared to the balding beer belly ex-model, you wielded as an introduction … 😉

R: Both options succumb to the professional photographer;)

M: So ‘Tasty’, you are judgmental on my way of making money. Sounds like, you look down on photographers?

R: No just the opposite: it was a compliment

M: Oh … I was just misunderstood. But remaining sincere as a photographer is hard to maintain if you want to earn money, or you must be a superb talent that immediately rises and is picked up. Anyway, for the depth I am busy with a master’s in fine arts, in the hope of adding some more intellectual shizzle to my profession ….

Anyway, we can of course just relax by chatting, if you are close to the capital and want a beer / wine / coffee / soda, let me know … 😉

R: You do not have to justify your work. Indeed I think you misunderstood me. Unfortunately I live and work in another city and the capital attracts me less and less lately. Nevertheless, you can always give me a call when you’re in my city. I’m usually in for a beer. 😉
I have the idea you cherish some interesting philosophies

M: Belief that I had to justify my work to myself … 😉
Should I be around, I’ll let you know …. never know where my work takes me .. (Well gained experience with the worst hotel in your city with bedbugs… So gross) hahahahaha…

R: Haha yeah my city can also be a terrible pauper city. You sometimes have to look a bit through it.

M: Those kinds of interesting philosophy I have, we can discuss further while having that beer when I’m around … 😉

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