Does mister Caveman exist?

Does mister caveman exist?

You know those stories, right? Guys that suddenly disappear, do not answer their phone nor read your messages. From one day to the other, it suddenly all changed. Cavemen I call them.

Well it happened to me. Tinder profile only contained one picture, which I basically do not trust, as my experience already thought me that those guys are married or in a steady relationship. But those are not too lazy to create a new Facebook page with a fake name plus one picture. I mean, little effort, big rewards, right? Once I asked such a guy – as he was only answering during office hours: “Please unmatch me if you are married or having a steady relationship. I am not looking for any drama in my life!” He unmatched me within a day. Perfect!

This one picture profile, 27 years old, self employed, black hair, green eyes and very good looking (and I am a sucker for dark hair with green eyes, thanks to Nick Kamen of the first Levi’s commercial). We started chatting and decided to be extremely spontaneous and have a beer in the center the same evening. As I did not trust the whole thing, I thought well let’s check it out immediately, otherwise it is a waste of my time. He came in, looked exactly like the picture, jaw dropping gorgeous! We started drinking and talking. 12 beers later, we kissed, left both for our own place. And from then on I saw him like 3 – 4 times a week. He even wrote me the cutest little love letter telling me he wanted to know everything about and around me.

2 months later…. He kind of told me ‘I am too busy’, ‘I really need a holiday’, bla, bla, bla…And from one to the other day no reactions or whatever any more. Total silence. It totally frustrated me. Six weeks later I decided to go to his house and I rang the doorbell. Fortunately he was at home, he even came downstairs, so I could tell him in his face that, his credibility had vanished in thin air which was the reason for returning his oh-so-cute-love-letter. And I wished him a nice life and  said “be careful you might become a member of the 27-club!”

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