boring sunday

A boring Sunday …..

This was a bit weird. We matched while he was on a holiday, so we made an appointment for a Sunday just after he returned. First Hppn date ever. The idea was not about having sex, but about having a drink, it seemed. Then Sunday it self. Amazing. He got back late, wanted to do a cup of tea. Excuse me? Please bring a bottle of white wine with you, but he had to eat first. In the end, he did bring a bottle of wine. We chatted, quite boring. He worked in a restaurant for 9 years already, was trying to become a music programmer for various facilities… no assertiveness, boring in conversation, men I was happy he brought at least a bottle of wine. So, I just started kissing the guy, we had sex, he left. Boring personality, boring sex. Not to be repeated. A few months later, out of the blue, he reached out again. I just answered with the question, how his career in the music programming was going? Never heard from him again.

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