black shiny boots

Do you like my tight black shiny boots?

Well this is a story. Or at least, for me it was. The guy had long brown hair, big brown dog eyes, and was a camera operator. Every time I meet another DOP or camera operator, nine out of ten they look really hot. My assistant told me that most of them are really stable personalities, I do not agree. So here we go, guy comes upstairs, brings in this ‘Red’ video camera, an understatement to call such a camera cheap. And then the camera has this really beautiful dark brown wooden focus puller. Sorry people if I am getting too technical, I am just a sucker for those details. Anyway, we had a chat, started fucking. And he was an amazing fuck. Why, only had sex with older chicks, being 26 himself. Anyway, after finishing, he did this little joke…. ‘Well you have your liquids as well’. He did something down there quite quickly and roughly and suddenly I was sitting in a pool of my own liquid. Wtf???? He knows more tricks about my body than I even know…. Anyway, after cleaning up, he left my place. Got a few pictures of him in a rubber outfit, tight high shiny¬†black boots with high heels… And he just asked me: ‘Do you like them? Maybe next time you want to lick them?’ I got instantly dry.

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