How much did you gain?

Off course I was kind of scared. Inviting a stranger of 25 years old to my place, and I was even drunk. Fortunately a good friend of mine, a gay BFF, stayed until he arrived. Just to check the guy out. I got totally stressed out when I found out my durex stock was empty, so I ran downstairs to the tobacco store that is open till 22, to catch some rubbers.

The bell rang. Footsteps on the 4 long stairs. He came in and I was totally surprised. He did not even look like the bloody picture. I sat down, gave him a drink, my friend started talking. An awful horrible common accent, worked in the harbor, was really passionate about boats. And yes he admitted he preferred older women. Meaning at his Tinder profile he was 35 years old, and in his profile text there was ‘(25)’ mentioned. Which apparently means that his real age is 25 years old.

Well, I got his picture on my phone, and told him: It is because I am a photographer, that I still recognize your bone structure in your face, but otherwise I would not have recognized you. How much did you gain? 20 kg???

The rubbers were not necessary this time.

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